Zhu Kezhen Award

Zhu Kezhen Awards 2015

Zhu Kezhen


Three Zhu Kezhen Junior Awards were made this year. They are listed below in the order of their respective ranking:

1. Jung LEE, “Invention without Science: Korean Edisons and the Changing Understanding of Technology in Colonial Korea,” Technology and culture, 2013, 54(4): 782-814.

2. Longfei CHU, “The Dissemination of Tycho’s Theory of the Moon in China,” China Journal for the History of Science and Technology, 2013, 34: 330-346.

3. Michael STANLEY-BAKER, “Palpable Access to the Divine: Daoist Medieval Massage, Visualisation and Internal Sensation,” Asian Medicine, 2012, 7: 101-127. 

The official announcement of awards was made and the awards presented during the General Assembly of ISHEASTM, held on Thursday, 9 July 2015, in the Auditorium of the venue of the 14th ICHSEA.

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